Textile laboratory

Instrument for testing according the ČSN EN 20811 and establishing the waterproof according the ČSN EN 1928

Drive PC

Protective clothing – Electrostatic properties – Part 3: Test methods for measurement of charge decay EN 1149-3

The test material is loaded by friction on the cylindrical rods mounted on the running slide. The field strength of the charge generated on the test material is monitored and recorded by an electrostatic field meter connected to the PC with the appropriate measurement evaluation program.

Supplied to Spolsin, KIVANC Turkey


Machine for determination of electrostatic properties of Protective clothing – Test method 2 – according to EN 1149-3

Tested material is charged with inductive effect. The electorstatic field intensity of the electric charge generated on the tested material is monitored and recorded by an electrostatic field measuring device connected to the PC with a relevant measurement evaluation program.

Anti-static property determination device according to PV 3977 Volkswagen.
This device tests the antistatic properties of plastic parts and panels in terms of both qualitative and quantitative.

The purpose of this test is to evaluate the ability of the components to discharge electrostatic charge. The purpose of this specification is to allow an assessment of the potential impact of pollution at any stage of operation. Charging – The process of applying electrostatic charge to the surface using the electrode.

Matrindale EN ISO 12947-1

The circular specimen is abraded in the abrasion test apparatus at a predetermined load on the abrasive by a sequential motion that follows the Lissajous pattern. Supplied to VZ 1370 Hostivice.

Flexometer Bally

For establishing resistance against fatigue in case of repeated bending in low temperature according ČSN 793885. The result of testing is description of the testing body in rated numbers of bending cycles in rated temperature. Our clienst: Vipotest Partizanske, VTUO Brno, Technoplast Chropyně.

Testing laboratory for floor coverings

According DIN 54324. Equipment is made for taking the floor covering immunity against mechanical demage. Equipment feigns the wheel-chair moving. Our client: Textile test-room in Brno.

Instrument for establishing the permeability of textiles

According ČSN 800817. Instrument for establiblishing the permeability of textiles can be used for measuring of square textile ability to let through the air in rated conditions. The principle of the testing is air suction through the testing textile in given testing sample area and by assignation of under-press and measuring the air rate. Our clients: ITC Zlín, Gumokov Hradec Králové, Vigona Svitavy, Vertex Litomyšl, Slezan Frýdek Místek.

Instrument for establishing the resistance of textiles to water permeation

According to ČSN EN 20811 and EDANA 120.1-80. Box desing. Possible to cramp via piston, pressure to 50 m.v.s., controlling and evaluation by PC. Testing textile is in existing flat strained by the increasing water pressure. Is controlled pressure in what the textile is disturbed on 3 places. Our clients: Gumotex Břeclav, Pegas Bučovice, Juta Hradec Králové, Technolen Hlinsko, ITC Zlín, TZU Brno, VVS Brno, Juta Jaroměř, INOTEX Dvůr Králové n. Labem.

Instrument for establishing the resistance of textiles to water permeationsAccording ČSN EN 20811 and EDANA 130.1-80.

Instrument for testing according the ČSN EN 20811 and establishing the waterproof according the ČSN EN 1928

Cramping via lever.

Instrument for testing according the ČSN EN 20811 and establishing the waterproof according the ČSN EN 1928

Another designs.

Apparatus as per EN ISO 6530 – the drip of acids

The measured volume of liquid is allowed to flow over the fabric inserted into the semicircular shape trough. Determine the proportion of the liquid that penetrated the test material and was repelled by its surface. Supplied to Saudi Arabia.

Equipment for establishing the permeability of geo-textiles In a plane parallel to the geo-textile surface

According the EN ISO 12958-1998- The sample is during the testing charged via mechanical strain perpendicular to geo-textile surface, what is selectable. The water pressure before and behalf the geo-textile is selectable too. Our client: Technical Testing Instution in Brno.

Equipment for establishing the permeability of geo-textiles

In the plane perpendicular to the surface. According the ČSN EN ISO 11058-1999. The tests could be made with geo-textile normal strain charge or without charge – via constant hydrostatistic high method , via decreasing hydrostatistic high metohod. Our client: Textile Testing Institute.

Bending rigidity device according to DIN 5336

A test piece measuring 25 x 250 mm is pulled by a slide on the substrate until the end of the test body crosses the 41.5 ° inclined surface. The length of the protruding end of the test body is measured.

Apparatus for determining stiffness and elasticity according to ČSN 800 858

Fireability – the textile immunity agains the burning ISO 8191-2

Made for ITC Zlín.

The moving simulation of furniture block foot according ČSN EN 424

Equipment for testing immunity of flexible floor-cloth against mechanical strain made by moving the furniture block foot. Immunity of the floor-cloth against moving the funiture block foot is evaluated as surface polish testing, damage of surface, rise of notches and edges.

Equipment for warm permeability index determination according ČSN EN 367

On equipment could be provide warm permeability index through the sample (as square) from textile, plastic or rubber. The warm permeability index is the number calculated from average time in seconds, what is necessary for temperature increasing over 24 °C

Fort textile – EN ISO 13938-1

The device is designed for breaking and stretch strength testing. The essence of the test is the stress of the fabric sample by water pressure and the recording of the pressure at which the sample breaks. This test is suitable for the evaluation of products that are exposed to pressure by liquids or gases, such as pump diaphragms, flow diaphragms, filter cloths, etc. The device is equipped with clamping rings with internal diameters: 79.8 mm, 112.8 mm, 35.7 mm, 30.5 mm. The maximum pump pressure is 1 MPa. The device was delivered to ITC Zlin.

Insole – absorption of water EN ISO 20344

The test body is placed on a wet base plate and subjected to a repeatable bend (in the same way as the foot in the shoe bends while walking). The upper surface is provided with holes that allow the water flowing through the platform to wet the insole surface. The device was delivered to ITC Zlin.

Metal arch supporter – bending machine EN ISO 2034

Prior to the test, the liner clamps into the device and bends similarly to the shoe when walking. After performing 1 000 000 cycles, the test facility automatically stops and assesses the degree of injury to the insole. The device was delivered to ITC Zlin.

Textile – air worthiness PND 44-910-07

The test body is clamped into circular jaws and distilled water is poured to the sample to a height of about 10 mm. From below, the sample is loaded with air pressure and it is observed that the air does not penetrate the air – bubbles are visible. If bubbles appear at the given air pressure, the sample is considered to be permeable. Supplied to Gumotex Břeclav.

Flexometr membrán

It serves to determine the resistance of the rubberized fabrics (membranes) against bending.

Turnstile CSN EN ISO 2061

Supplied to Kordárna Velká nad Veličkou

EN ISO 13997 Resistance to cutting