Manufacture of test specimens

Forms for making test specimens

a, for the H test according to ASTM D 4776-02 2a, 2b

Forms for making test specimens

De Matia, FTF, HSTE, ZUG DRUCK, D66 mm – 10, molding sheets and the like.

Press for die cutting test specimens

The fluid pressure on the piston is driven by the operator using the manual control lever, and the hydraulic transmission is chosen so that the work with the press is easy with minimal effort. Supplied, for example, to Gumotex Břeclav, Reiter Choceň, Autopal Rychvald, Military Testing Institute of Brno, Gelmed international, Hutchinson Rokycany, Voj. Hostivice, Metzeler Hradek n. Nisou, VTUO Brno, Avon Rudnik, University of Defense, CS Cabot, Toyoda Klášterec, TBU Zlín.

Press for die cutting test specimens – sliding piston version

Test specimen cutter – 20 t

It is mainly used for multiple knives and die-cut material with a cord. The final cutting rate is slowed down to avoid deformation of the cut rubber. Supplied by: Kordárna plus Velká nad Veličkou.

Cutting knives

Equipment for the preparation of test specimens

Rotary testing body cutter, including cutter blades with diameters as required by customers.