Rubber laboratory

Hose testing laboratory

Laboratory is instrumental in determination of hose immunity against temperature influence and pulsated thrust accorinding the VW TL 523 61. Equipment is used e.g. for testing the hose for automobile industry (hoses for cooling systems). Testing data record is automatic. Our clients: Avon Rudník, Škoda Mladá Boleslav, Optimit Odry

Vulcanizing press for laboratories

Technological hydraulic press is designate for heating and pressing products (testing bodies). It is mainly designace pro pressing testing bodies for laboratories, there is no requirement for high number of pressed pieces during the shift. The testing bodies are pressed directly or by two-piece or more-piece form, which are put in between upper and bottom heating plate of the press ..

Vulcanization table laboratory presses

Manual, pneumatic or hydraulic design.

Hydraulic control for jaws

Supplied to Kordárna Velká nad Veličkou

Instrument for establishing the resistance of rubber against abrasion

According the EN ISO 4649, ČSN 621466. The testing matter is exposure the rubber to abrasion element and determinate weight decreasing. Our clients: Vegum Dolné Vestenice, Kaučuk Kralupy nad Vltavou, Novesta Zlín, SVUOM Praha, Mitas Praha, Konty G Zlín, Univerzita obrany Brno, Koh-i-Noor Hardmuth České Budějovice.

Instrument for establishing the resistance of hoses against abrasion according ISO 6945

Hose is put on the cylindrical spindle and it is pressed by metalic rider with existing vis. Rider makes direct returning moving. Monitores hose damage in existing load and numbers of cycles. Our clients: Semperfex Optimit Odry, Semperit Technische produkter Wimpasing – Austria.

Instrument for size measuring of vee belts

According DIN 7753 and DIN 2215. For size measuring of vee belts from 0,4m to 15m. Evaluation of measuring is automatic. Belts are not only controlled but assorted to sets too by this way. Our clients: Mitas Zlín.

Swell plant

For establishing the resistance against fluence of fluid according ČSN 621510, 640242, ISO 175, 1817. Instrument is constructed for long-time running a polymer materials in fluid media (e.g. oils, liquid fuels, acid solutions, alkali,…) Our clients: Avon Rudník.

Instrument for establishing the resistance of rising and growing the disruptions by cagework

According the ČSN 621488 and ISO 132. By testing the testing body in form of belts are these cyclic bending and is monitored number of bends to start of damage. Our clients: Vegum Dolné Vestenice a Istrochem Bratislava, Rubena Náchod . Temperature -20°C ……. +120°C

NEEDLE de Matia – ISO 132

Flexometr membrane – strain bending

It serves to determine the resistance of rubberized fabrics (membranes) against repeated bending.

Flexometer Bally

For establishing resistance against fatigue in case of repeated bending in low temperature according ČSN 793885. The result of testing is description of the testing body in rated numbers of bending cycles in rated temperature. Our clienst: Vipotest Partizanske, VTUO Brno, Technoplast Chropyně.

Thermal shrinkage of cords ASTM D 4974 , D 5591 EN 13844

Used for automated thermal shrinkage determination. Changing the length at a given tightening force or at a constant length of force change. The test sample is exposed to the specified temperature for a given time.

Instrument for establishing the choke off flexibility SCHOB

In electric design according DIN 53 512, ČSN 62148 and ISO 4662. Via instrument could be established choke off flexibility of testing body. Measured data are evaluated automatically by instrument electronic. Our clients: Mitas Praha, Kaučuk Kralupy n. Vl., Vipotest Puchov, Barum Otrokovice, Vegum Dolné Vestenice a Konty G Zlín, Wicke, Semperflex, Rubena.

Instrument for establishing the choke off flexibility

According to ČSN EN ISO 8337 and K 6400: 1997 The steel ball strikes the test body from a certain height and the reflection height is measured. Supplied to Rekticel Mladá Boleslav, BDI Zvolen and T.Bati Zlín University.

Jack with hardness meter

For measuring of rubber hardness according DIN 53505, ČSN 621431 and ČSN 621433. Instrument automatically vibrate rated time and after its lapse sound signal and operator deductes data of hardness on the head of hardness meter. Our clients: Gumotex Břeclav, Autopal Rychvald, VTUO Brno.

Tube oven

The matter of testing is burning the sample of elastic rubber mixture or rubber in flint tube with high temperature and by followed gas analyse establish all sulphur in all forms. Our clients: Barum Otrokovice.

Membrane bend DIN 5336

A test piece measuring 25 x 250 mm is pulled by a slide on the substrate until the end of the test body crosses the 41.5 ° inclined surface. The length of the protruding end of the test body is measured.

Apparatus for determining stiffness and elasticity according to ČSN 800 858

1 mm slot cutter – automatic

The device carries a 1 mm notch into the test specimen. Everything – from the holding of experimental specimens, after they are ejected automatically, without any intervention by the operator.

Instrument for preparing the testing body

Instrument for establishing the permanent buckling


Pin to determine the size of O-rings

Ozone chamber with accessories

Ozone generator is used for establishing the resistance of polymers against ozone. Chamber area is heated and mixed by fan. Our clients: VÚ Bratislava, AVON Rudník, Gumokov Hradec Králové, Duslo Šala, Kabla Velké Meziříčí.

Instrument for testing the resistance against ozone action in dynamic conditions (accessories to ozone chamber)

For testing resistance the rubber testing body against ozone action in dynamic conditions.

Frames for vice the testing body during the resistance testing against weather conditions and ozone aging of rubber

Instrument for establishing the resistance of rubber against failure in low temperature – made by cooling by Carbon Dioxide CO2

According ČSN 621554 and ISO 812. For recognition of lowest temperature of testing body from rubber or plastic, in what is rubber during the bend OK without failure. Cooling testing body is during the testing bent by buffer. Our clients: ITC Zlín, Military Protection Testing Institute Brno, Geyer Hsaja Poland, Gumokov Hradec Kralove, AVON Rudnik, Vegum Dolne Vestenice, VTUO Brno.

Instrument for estalishing the resistance of rubber against failure in low temperature – design with cooling by liquid nitrogen

Our client: AVON Rudnik.

Instrument for fragility testing according ČSN EN 495-5

Our client: Aliachem Fatra Napajedla.

Instrument for establishing the rubber resistance against liquid action in higher temperature and pressure

The bin for estalishing the rubber resistance against oils action in higher temperature to temperature 160 °C and pressure 300 kPa. Our clients: Skoda Mlada Boleslav, Rubena Nachod, Audi Hungary.

Pressure tank for testing in oxygen with higher temperature and pressure – establishing the resisitance against aging

Oxygen pressure 2,1Mpa, temperature 100 °C. Our clienst: Kalblo Velke Mezirici.

Instrument for establishing shake down volume and shake down volume according ČSN ISO 787-11

Chamber for testing flammability of automobile interistors – ISO 3795, FVMS 302, DIN 75200

The testing body is fixed to horizontal folding frame. After the burner fire is controlled if the material will start to burn. After 15 sec. is burner swith off and is controlled burning sample – when it will expire or the distance to what it expire. Our clients: Vigona Svitavy, Tanex Plasty Jaroměř, ITC Zlín a ISOBAST, Univerzita UTB Zlin, FIBERTEX . dle ISO 3715, FVMS 302, DIN 75200

Chamber for testing flammability

EN ISO 11925-2, DIN 4102-1B2, DIN 50 050 a DIN 50051.

Instrument for testing flammability ISO 340.


Sheffield head

EN 136

Perimetr EN 136

Supplied to VTUO Brno and UNOB.

Sprinkling EN 60 529

It is used to test spray and water spray protection (IP X3 and IP X4) – hand shower according to ČSN EN 60 529.

Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic – Determination of permeability to Gates ISO 2782, EN ISO 2556

The measuring cells are used to determine the membrane gas permeability according to the method described in ČSN640115 and EN ISO 2556 – similar standard ISO 2782. The measurement process is recorded and evaluated by PC. Supplied to TBU Bati Zlín.

Determination of permeability to propanbutan

The test is carried out on membranes used in gas – propane – butane (PB) vehicles. The test membrane is clamped into the preparation, the PB is pressurized under the pressure. A probe that measures the penetration of the PB is attached to the top. Supplied to EFFBE Grand.

Apparatus for determination of plastic and elastic deformation according to VDA 675 218

For elastomeric components in motor vehicles. Supplied to ISOBAST Moravské Budějovice.

Test gas-meter (membrane)

The test room is used for testing of gas meters (membranes). The gas passes through the air and monitors deviations at the maximum and minimum flow rates. Deviations are monitored in the long term. Supplied to Movetech.

Inspection membrane

The device serves to control the membranes. The membranes are tested before cutting, that is, as a strip wound on the spool. Check that there is no hole in the belt. This is done by spooling the spool, from below, the diaphragm is illuminated by diodes, and from above the sensor detects a possible hole. Supplied to EFFBE Veliková.

Glowing/hot-wire based test mehods EN 60696-2-10, EN 60696-2-11, EN 60696-2-12, EN 60696-2-13.

This is a fire test using a flameless ignition source. The hot loop is a specified loop of resistance wire electrically heated to the specified temperature. The torch loop tip is brought into contact with the specimen for a specified period and a series of observations and measurements are performed (according to a specific test procedure).

Turnstile CSN EN ISO 2061

Supplied to Kordárna Velká nad Veličkou