Plastics laboratory

HDT – The device for determining the temperature of deflection under load according to DIN EN ISO 75-1

VST – Determination of VICAT softening temperature according to DIN EN ISO 306 (according to VICAT). Delivered to the University of Tomas Bata in Zlin.

Tempering desk lab presses

Manual, pneumatic or hydraulic design.

Determining Antistatic Properties PV 3977 Volkswagen

This device tests the antistatic properties of plastic parts and panels in terms of both qualitative and quantitative. The purpose of this test is to evaluate the ability of the components to discharge electrostatic charge. The purpose of this specification is to allow an assessment of the potential impact of pollution at any stage of operation. Charging – The process of applying electrostatic charge to the surface using the electrode.

Simulation of car washes DIN EN ISO 20 566 , PV 3.3.3. Volkswagen

This is a car wash simulation – verifying the resistance of body parts to abrasion, which is mainly caused by the brushes in the car wash. The test is evaluated based on the gloss of the test material. It is to ensure the required quality of painted body, exterior metal and non-metal parts, decorative foils, chrome plated or otherwise surface-treated parts.

Skoda Mladá Boleslav CZ

50 mm ball impact instrument according to PV 3966, PV 3905

The device is used to test materials against the fall of a steel ball with a diameter of 50 mm from the specified height.

Chamber for establishing resistance of plastic films aganst flammability

According ČSN 640 757. Equipment for establishing fireability and burning speed of plastic foil. Flame touches to body only for rated time and monitores if foil burned or burning speed and form of buring. Our client: ITC Zlín.

Instrument for establishing resistance of rubber or plastics against failure at low temperatures

According ČSN 621554. For establishing the lower temperature of testing body from rubber, in what is rubber during moving unbroken. Our clients: Gumokov Hradec Klárlové, Avod Rudník, Vegum Dolné Vestenice, VTÚO Brno, ITC Zlín, Geyer Hosaja Poland.

Instrument for establishing resistance of rubber or against failure at low temperatures – by liquid nitrogen cooling

Made for AVON Rudník

Chamber for testing flammability of construction materials

Chamber is for establishing the flammability grade of construction materials via test, what is confirmative in fire prevention of buildings branch. Our client: ITC Zlín.

Stand with a hardness tester

Used to measure hardness of rubber and plastic according to ČSN 62 1431, ČSN 62 1432, ISO2783. For enclosures A DIN 53 505, EN ISO 868, ASTM D 2240, ISO 7619, For enclosures D DIN 53 505, ISO R 868.

The instrument automatically measures the time, after an audible signal sounds, and the operator reads the hardness data on the hardness header. I control the stroke of the table pneumatically. Supplied to Gumotex Břeclav, Autopal Rychvald, VTUO Brno, Gumárny Zubří, UTB Zlín.

Device for evaluation of static and kinetic coefficient of friction of plastic film PN Fatra + Tappi 815

The coefficient of friction is the degree of relative difficulty with which the surfaces of the two films will slide in succession. Static coefficient – the ratio of tensile force, which just suffices to bring the surfaces of the two materials into relative motion in succession, to normal force. Kinetic coefficient of friction – the ratio of tensile force that just sucks the surface of one material in uniform relative motion along the surface of the second material to normal force.